Monday, June 25, 2012

So much gone

So much gone
So much passed
So much changed
Will this last?
Who are you?
Do I even know?
You're someone else now
Are you letting me go?
I am aware you care
Deep down inside
But my memory
Been erased and died
No signs
No clues
No more
I love yous
It’s all just space
Air and time
It's over now
But I won’t say goodbye

Monday, June 27, 2011

Plague Me

Plague me
You thoughts
Stab me
With pain
Cut me
I bleed
Punch me
I bruise
Even though
You can't see
I have emotions
Inside of me
I have thoughts
I want to share
I have a burden
You can't bear
The smell
Of burnt flesh
The heat
Of the fire
You'll never know
The churning
The grind
The gnawing
It's eating me away

Label You

How would like
To know what it's like
To know what it feels
To be labeled
To be misunderstood
To be judged
You think you know
You think you understand
Just what i did
Just why i did
Just how i did
What i did
But tell me now
If roles reversed
And you found yourself there
Just how would you fair
Just how would you be
Just what would you do
Tell me
What choices would you make
What mistakes would you commit
What judgment would you then pass
Once you understand
Just what it's like
To feel that way
To be alone
To be told
You have no home
To be shunned
By all you ever known
And to be labeled
By the worst thing
You've ever done

Understand Me

The need
Inside us all
We think
It's not there
We say
That we don't care
But all of us
Have it
All of us
Want it
The need
To understand
The need
To be understood
For one will never know
Or how
It is
It is felt
It has impacted another
Or just how
It has changed us
And our perception
Of the world
Of the truths
We held so dear
But yet
We want it
Yes we need it
We need to understand
We need
To be

My Yorker Porker

My yorker porker
My prisket
My little bisquet
My little yorkling
My yorkie poo
My little yorkshire terrier pup
Old age is catching up to you
You comfort others
You're so cute
You never bark
Unless i don't notice you
You can sense my feelings
You're there for me
You learned to sit
And you don't look a day
Over eighteen
(dog years of course)
You know just how
To make a perfect bed
And i love the way
You tilt your head
You eat the weirdest
Things i've seen
Broccoli, cauliflower, corn, and peas
And oh don't forget
Your favorite cheese
You have more clothes
Than the richest girl
You've flown on planes
And changed the world

A Silent Fight

A silent fight
We shall have
A duel without words
We will play
Lets walk around
Whats really there
Lets avoid the words
We want to say
Lets do this thing
But only stare
If you close it
I'll open it
If you fill it
I'll empty it
If you want it
I'll hide it
If you look for it
I'll not let you find it
You've think you've won
Doing what u do
But you'll soon realize
The jokes on you


In you
I know
I can
You break
All the rules
You make
Me believe
There's hope
Beyond the dark
A broken
I was imprisoned in
A shattered
I possessed
But you
You brought me
Fear is gone
When you're around
Made me believe
Without a sound
Not judging
Looking for the good
I was finally
It was you